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"The Endowment"

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General Statement
Prayer of Inquiry

QUESTION NO 1: When shall the Spiritual Endowment be?

When shall these things be?
When shall these things be?

QUESTION NO 2: How may we prepare ourselves for the Endowment?

How shall you individually prepare?

QUESTION NO 3: How may the church advance in these ways?

QUESTION NO 4: Must the people and ministry pass thru a time of great trial?

QUESTION NO 5: What are the characteristics of the Endowment?

Preface to set of 10 Characteristics

Characteristic No. 1: Spiritually won knowledge

Some of the possible ways are these

Characteristic No. 2: Shared spiritual experiences

With whom among you shall He thus move?

In what ways will you be prepared for this sharing?

How shall you seek, ask, and knock?

How can the Lord say more than this?

Characteristic No. 3: Special light on difficult problems and projects

Characteristic No. 4: Finding the places where people may best work

How then may this endowment of inspired placement of human personality be worked out?

How may these things be?

How may these things be?

How may these things be?

Characteristic No. 5: An outpouring of spiritual gifts, help, and guidance

Characteristic No. 6: Ministry of angels

Characteristic No. 7: Ministry of those who have tarried

Now, why will the Lord bless the time of endowment with this visitation of those who have tarried?

Characteristic No. 8: Purification of mind, spirit, and purpose

Characteristic No. 9: Special appearances of Jesus Christ

What shall this day be like when He shall suddenly come to His temple?

Characteristic No. 10: Christ shall delegate and bestow spiritual power

QUESTION NO 6: What shall Thy servants be, do, and say?

QUESTION NO 7: Will there by many whom Thou canst endow?

QUESTION NO 8: Shall this endowment be for everyone?

QUESTION NO 9: Are there other ways we can be aroused to move toward the endowment?

Yes, there are other ways

QUESTION NO 10: How can humble people do our part to hasten the day?

Now, what can you do?


"The Endowment"
by Earl R. Curry


For many decades, Earl Curry was the caretaker of the Kirtland Temple which provided an exceptional background for his prayers and meditations.

My husband and I had the honor of knowing Brother Curry. Because of his closeness to the Lord, he always used magnificent words when talking about Him. He loved poetry and would sprinkle his sermons and conversations with memorized verses. He would have been very pleased to know the Lord had given him "The Endowment" in poetic form.

Unable to acquire a recent version in Hebrew poetic style, I did the following as a personal study. Suddenly, in this framework, the concepts flowed off the pages. I, you --we-- desperately need to seek for the promised endowment using these guidelines so thoughtfully, sincerely, and prayerfully sought for by Earl Curry.

Faye Shaw


General Statement:

While working on the third floor of the Kirtland Temple during 1957, taking my own time, for two hours each morning for more than three months, that which follows opened up to me in answer to my concern and prayer.


Prayer of Inquiry:

Heavenly Father, here within the courts of Thy Temple, hallowed by so many sacred experiences in the past, as well as by the holy expectations of the future, I come as one of Thy ministers and servants of Thy high purpose, pleading in love, in reverence, and in deep faith for the gift of receiving learning by faith, and for the gift of prophetic insight, and for the gift of inspired writing.

Eternal Father, it is my great desire to understand concerning Thy long promised endowment, in such completeness as may be pleasing to Thee at this time. I therefore come to Thee, as with up reaching hands, praying for light on a number of questions concerning this great promise. Wilt thou now break down the barriers that separate me from Thyself. May the doors of Heaven, Thy dwelling place, be enough ajar that I may look within a little way, and think Thy thoughts after Thee. I plead that the Holy Spirit may bear to me from that glory of intelligence which is Thine, depth of thought, breadth of insight, loftiness of perception, and adequate words to describe that which I may be pernitted to see. Wilt Thou cleanse my heart, my mind, my life, as I thus seek to go into, as it were, a Holy of Holies. May the angels be near, either seen or unseen. Grant to me to greatly cherish and wisely use such light as may thus come to me. Open my eyes that I may see!

In Christ's Holy Name, I pray,
Earl R. Curry


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