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"The Endowment"

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General Statement
Prayer of Inquiry

QUESTION NO 1: When shall the Spiritual Endowment be?

When shall these things be?
When shall these things be?

QUESTION NO 2: How may we prepare ourselves for the Endowment?

How shall you individually prepare?

QUESTION NO 3: How may the church advance in these ways?

QUESTION NO 4: Must the people and ministry pass thru a time of great trial?

QUESTION NO 5: What are the characteristics of the Endowment?

Preface to set of 10 Characteristics

Characteristic No. 1: Spiritually won knowledge

Some of the possible ways are these

Characteristic No. 2: Shared spiritual experiences

With whom among you shall He thus move?

In what ways will you be prepared for this sharing?

How shall you seek, ask, and knock?

How can the Lord say more than this?

Characteristic No. 3: Special light on difficult problems and projects

Characteristic No. 4: Finding the places where people may best work

How then may this endowment of inspired placement of human personality be worked out?

How may these things be?

How may these things be?

How may these things be?

Characteristic No. 5: An outpouring of spiritual gifts, help, and guidance

Characteristic No. 6: Ministry of angels

Characteristic No. 7: Ministry of those who have tarried

Now, why will the Lord bless the time of endowment with this visitation of those who have tarried?

Characteristic No. 8: Purification of mind, spirit, and purpose

Characteristic No. 9: Special appearances of Jesus Christ

What shall this day be like when He shall suddenly come to His temple?

Characteristic No. 10: Christ shall delegate and bestow spiritual power

QUESTION NO 6: What shall Thy servants be, do, and say?

QUESTION NO 7: Will there by many whom Thou canst endow?

QUESTION NO 8: Shall this endowment be for everyone?

QUESTION NO 9: Are there other ways we can be aroused to move toward the endowment?

Yes, there are other ways

QUESTION NO 10: How can humble people do our part to hasten the day?

Now, what can you do?

"The Endowment"
by Earl R. Curry


Some of the possible ways are these: a. A committee of your most spiritual men, men who are deeply aware of your greater need, can, either by personal association, or conference, select a topic, or group of topics where enlightenment and advanced understanding are needed. This selection can, and ought to be, added to as time goes on. In this, however, you need to warned-- Continual going over information, programs worked out in your own counsel, the discussion or development of ceaseless rounds of activities of not very great value will not do what is needed, unless at times these matters are reviewed in order to make sure they are in harmony with the mind of the Lord. You need so much to go on into those deeper concerns which will lift you above the place where you now are. These topics can be such as are suggested in D.&C. 85:21. They can also be an inquiry, such as into the deeper meaning of the spiritual gifts-- what are they, how may they be developed and used, how may they be consecrated to higher ends than those which have characterized so much of their use in the past, and the like. You need to know so much more than you do about the high communion you could have with angels, or those who tarry, or resurrected beings who are special messengers of the Great Father, bringing very special and Holy gifts from the Eternal One. These topics, then, can arise out of your study and acquaintance with the scriptures. They can arise out of your experiences and needs, and, grandest of all blessings, the Eternal Father can show them unto you. Now having begun to more earnestly do these things, you may-- b. Call conferences dedicated to this deeply spiritual kind of research, or c. You may announce these topics to all and sundry, asking for spiritual dedication in an intellectual inquiry into truth, or d. You may make special contact with, and assignments to, those who have already developed along these lines and who, under God, can be forerunners of a process and procedure that can yield so much, or e. You may gather the best efforts of all into a central source of analysis and publication, or f. As you come together, you are invited by your Heavenly Father to seek Him for enlightenment in that which is deep and difficult for you to comprehend. Has He not said thru one of His apostles of centuries past, "If any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God"? And, "If he ask, nothing wavering, that he shall be answered"? or g. The problems you face in the much more complete development of Zion could well become topics for your finest consideration, and efforts, and for the All Wise One's special blessing. Many other ways will open up as you shall move forward. You have marvelous opportunities for divine guidance before you. You have the wonderful opportunity for combining of gifts of prophetic insight with spiritual scholarship. Out of farsighted effort on your part shall come such power as arises from sure knowledge, such power as comes from problems understood, together with a technique of solution and procedure; out of your efforts shall come increased mental powers. Out of your association with many keen minds blessed of the Lord, will come great stimulation and wisdom. Out of it will come treasures of hidden knowledge that you may use, and in a knowledge and wisdom pleasing to God shall you become strong.


[Preface to set of 10 Characteristics - Some of the possible ways are these - Characteristic No. 2]