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"The Endowment"

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General Statement
Prayer of Inquiry

QUESTION NO 1: When shall the Spiritual Endowment be?

When shall these things be?
When shall these things be?

QUESTION NO 2: How may we prepare ourselves for the Endowment?

How shall you individually prepare?

QUESTION NO 3: How may the church advance in these ways?

QUESTION NO 4: Must the people and ministry pass thru a time of great trial?

QUESTION NO 5: What are the characteristics of the Endowment?

Preface to set of 10 Characteristics

Characteristic No. 1: Spiritually won knowledge

Some of the possible ways are these

Characteristic No. 2: Shared spiritual experiences

With whom among you shall He thus move?

In what ways will you be prepared for this sharing?

How shall you seek, ask, and knock?

How can the Lord say more than this?

Characteristic No. 3: Special light on difficult problems and projects

Characteristic No. 4: Finding the places where people may best work

How then may this endowment of inspired placement of human personality be worked out?

How may these things be?

How may these things be?

How may these things be?

Characteristic No. 5: An outpouring of spiritual gifts, help, and guidance

Characteristic No. 6: Ministry of angels

Characteristic No. 7: Ministry of those who have tarried

Now, why will the Lord bless the time of endowment with this visitation of those who have tarried?

Characteristic No. 8: Purification of mind, spirit, and purpose

Characteristic No. 9: Special appearances of Jesus Christ

What shall this day be like when He shall suddenly come to His temple?

Characteristic No. 10: Christ shall delegate and bestow spiritual power

QUESTION NO 6: What shall Thy servants be, do, and say?

QUESTION NO 7: Will there by many whom Thou canst endow?

QUESTION NO 8: Shall this endowment be for everyone?

QUESTION NO 9: Are there other ways we can be aroused to move toward the endowment?

Yes, there are other ways

QUESTION NO 10: How can humble people do our part to hasten the day?

Now, what can you do?

"The Endowment"
by Earl R. Curry


QUESTION NO 8: Shall this endowment be only for Thy servants of the Melchisedec priesthood, or shall it spread out to Aaronic priesthood and to good men and women, boys and girls of the body of Christ? The force and influence of this day of endowment must inevitably spread out. Just as no one can come under the influence of a great personality without being somewhat made over by that influence, even much more shall all who come within the circle of association of these spiritually radiant men of the endowment be transformed by the spiritual power, the glorious experiences, the Heavenly wisdom, the keen vision, the marvelous testimonies, the Christ-inspired grasp of issues, and all else that has come to these highly blessed servants of the Lord. These men will move out into the body of the church. They will share that which has lifted them up with other ministry, both Melchisedec and Aaronic, the good people, and boys and girls. The hearts of God's people will be touched, as they have not yet been touched, by the power that shall go with these men. Then shall come to pass, and be fulfilled, the word of the prophet Joel who saw these days centuries ago. "Then shall ye know that the Lord your God has dwelt wondrously with you. You shall know that He is in the midst of His Israel, that truly He is the Lord, your God, and none else, and you shall never be ashamed. And it shall come to pass after these days that He will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions. And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will the Lord pour out His Spirit." Behold, what manner of love the Father hath that He has caused His servant Joel to see and write these things centuries ago. Behold, how great is His love that He seeks not to bring to pass His high ways thru the dominating and domineering leadership of captains and majors and colonels and generals of the army, as do the nations of the Gentiles. Rather, in ever widening circles of love, of brotherhood, of increasing understanding and intelligence and wisdom, in widest sharing of the best that anyone has, in enlightened and willing and joyous cooperation together, in each one trying to be the servant of all and of a great cause-- by such ways as these shall the glorious kingdom of God arise among men. In this spirit, shall these endowed men move out and the Eternal Father shall be with them in the glory of His Spirit, for this is how He works with and for those who love Him. Just as it is written that Jesus will come to those who are watching for Him, even so, in the day of God's power shall the richest of experiences and blessings and opportunities of usefulness as instruments in His hands come to those who are not looking for Him, but are preparing themselves in body, mind, and spirit. God would reach out and pour His Spirit upon every man of the Melchisedec priesthood and the Aaronic priesthood if they will reach up toward Him, if they will envision these things, if they will truly consecrate their lives. Gladly will He reach out to the old, the middle-aged, the youth, and even little children, if all these too shall be looking for Him and making their lives increasingly Christ-like. Surely will He richly bless all who will come to Him in repentance, in humility of spirit, in high and holy desire to work with Him, for He seeketh all such, for thru them the glory of His kingdom waits to break out upon the world.


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