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"The Endowment"

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General Statement
Prayer of Inquiry

QUESTION NO 1: When shall the Spiritual Endowment be?

When shall these things be?
When shall these things be?

QUESTION NO 2: How may we prepare ourselves for the Endowment?

How shall you individually prepare?

QUESTION NO 3: How may the church advance in these ways?

QUESTION NO 4: Must the people and ministry pass thru a time of great trial?

QUESTION NO 5: What are the characteristics of the Endowment?

Preface to set of 10 Characteristics

Characteristic No. 1: Spiritually won knowledge

Some of the possible ways are these

Characteristic No. 2: Shared spiritual experiences

With whom among you shall He thus move?

In what ways will you be prepared for this sharing?

How shall you seek, ask, and knock?

How can the Lord say more than this?

Characteristic No. 3: Special light on difficult problems and projects

Characteristic No. 4: Finding the places where people may best work

How then may this endowment of inspired placement of human personality be worked out?

How may these things be?

How may these things be?

How may these things be?

Characteristic No. 5: An outpouring of spiritual gifts, help, and guidance

Characteristic No. 6: Ministry of angels

Characteristic No. 7: Ministry of those who have tarried

Now, why will the Lord bless the time of endowment with this visitation of those who have tarried?

Characteristic No. 8: Purification of mind, spirit, and purpose

Characteristic No. 9: Special appearances of Jesus Christ

What shall this day be like when He shall suddenly come to His temple?

Characteristic No. 10: Christ shall delegate and bestow spiritual power

QUESTION NO 6: What shall Thy servants be, do, and say?

QUESTION NO 7: Will there by many whom Thou canst endow?

QUESTION NO 8: Shall this endowment be for everyone?

QUESTION NO 9: Are there other ways we can be aroused to move toward the endowment?

Yes, there are other ways

QUESTION NO 10: How can humble people do our part to hasten the day?

Now, what can you do?

"The Endowment"
by Earl R. Curry


QUESTION NO 6: What shall Thy servants be, do, and say who are endowed? These who have been endowed will be men of extraordinary spiritual sensitivity and perception, for having walked in the high places of heaven-blessed experiences that have brought them endowment, they can never again be content to just drift along out of touch with the Holy Spirit. They will therefore be men of great spiritual power because of their perception of what is the will and wisdom of the Eternal Father. Neither these men, therefore, nor those who work with them will wander around aimlessly, or mistakenly, or fruitlessly, as Israel of old wandered in the desert areas of Sinai, and as the church of the Restoration has tended to wander. This means, in turn, that whatever field of endeavor shall be given to each, each will know what he ought to do, how he ought to try to do it, and how means or personality, or both, may be organized to do it. Therefore neither the work of Zionic achievement nor witnessing evangelism will languish. This in turn means that the City of God, sacred communities of Zion, will steadily and even rapidly arise, for the processes, and wisdom and unity and resources of personality will all be deeply, deeply stimulated, because God shall now be working in great power. Before the eyes of all the world shall there be demonstrated that only with Him can there be wholeness, great goodness, nobility of purpose and achievement, holiness of life, and resulting peace and highest of Christian brotherhood. Out of Zion, the perfection of beauty, the glory of the Eternal One shall shine, not only from the lives of a redeemed people and from the saintly environments they create, but also thru the multitude of spiritual blessings that shall be showered upon that people. Therefore shall the noble-hearted of earth be invited thereunto, as long as the days of opportunity last, and hither shall the angels gather the heirs of salvation, who have tarried in the world, when the time of the Lord's return shall have come. These endowed men shall be as a new race of ministers, men both deeply spiritual and profoundly intelligent--for their intelligence shall be far above any development of which you now know, yet it will be a humble intelligence because they shall well know that its great heights and sweeping breadth, and profound depth are all due to the Holy One of all noble souls, the Infinite Creator, the Author of Life, the Fashioner of all that is best. These men shall hold before humanity the ways of the Lord. Mankind shall know that this Lord is not the author of confusion and that all the religions that becloud, bemuddle, and darken the minds of men-- all these are not of Him. These endowed men shall set forth, as it were, on the mountain top, or emblazon on the skies, the highways of the Lord, the great tidings of the gospel, the glory of the fruits of repentance, the blessedness of goodness and godliness, the marvelous enfolding destiny of those who love the Lord, as well as the great rightness and divinity of Jesus the Christ who came into the world centuries ago, and who will come again. All this will they do, speaking convincingly, with the utmost of clearness, and under or with an accompanying and testifying spiritual power. Nor is this all. As the pages of the unfolding history of these endowment days shall be written one by one, there shall be recorded on them the repetition of all the exceptional and highly miraculous spiritual blessings of the past. Israel shall be warned and the scattered tribes shall come into remembrance before the Lord. At the command of such endowed servants as the Holy One will choose, the annihilating powers of war shall be stayed, lest His chosen ones be destroyed. When the time comes, great armies of wicked men will melt away in the night, as the angels of death shall move among them, that the saints of this Holy One shall be preserved. Power shall be given to these His ministers over the elements, that they may shut up the clouds of the heavens that it rain not. Every manner of disease shall be healed-- the eyes of the blind opened, the ears of the deaf unstopped, many afflicted with palsy shall cease to tremble, those far gone with the terrible disease of cancer shall be made whole-- all diseases of any or whatever character shall be lifted in the outpouring mercies of the all-powerful Father thru the ministration of these His servants. Yes, all the mighty demonstrations of divine power of all the millenniums past shall again be witnessed. More miraculous still, there shall be demonstrations of the Power and the love of the Eternal Father even beyond these, for He shall leave nothing undone, in the eyes of all men, that shall witness to them of His great love, or His wondrous providential care for life, or His marvelous provision for what lies beyond in the eternal years of the future, or the glory of life with Him, or that shall testify to the past, present, or future work of Jesus, His greatest gift to the world. Under this great power shall these endowed men spread over the world warning of ever-increasing judgments that shall destroy the wicked of this world. Finest of all, they shall proclaim to all who will hear that the time is near when that great promise made to the ages by Jesus and the prophets that He would come again, is now about to be fulfilled.


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