(All page references are to the 1999 Restored Covenant Edition.
Only the major references have been selected
and these cover only the time period in the "Land of Promise")

Omni 1:19-39, pg. 213-215
Mosiah moved from Land of Nephi to Land of Zarahemla; the people of Zarahemla; the "large stone...with engravings" about Coriantumr.

Omni 1:39, pg. 215
First mention of "in the Land Northward" as the location of the Jaredite "bones".

Omni 1:48-52, pg. 216
The people of Zeniff leave Zarahemla.

Mosiah 5:1-8, pg. 240-242
Begins the geography of Land and City of Lehi-Nephi.

Mosiah 5:60-71, pg. 246-247
People of Limhi; found 24 gold plates in land "covered with bones" and with "ruins of buildings of every kind".

Mosiah CH.6, pg. 248
Began record of Zeniff.

Mosiah 9:32,33,65, pg. 274,277
Waters of Mormon where covenants were made.

Mosiah 9:72, pg. 278
People of Alma departed from Mormon.

Mosiah 10:14, pg. 289
People of Limhi left City of Nephi, went to Zarahemla.

Mosiah 11:1-4, pg. 290
Alma and the people of the Lord fled 8 days in wilderness to Helam.

Mosiah 11:75-90; pg. 297
Descendants of Mulek, people of Nephi (Mosiah), and people of Limhi in the great gathering; records read; City of Zarahemla established as the central city of the Book of Mormon.

Alma 1:70, pg. 323
Hill Amnihu, and River Sidon location.

Alma 1:76, pg. 324
Valley of Gideon location.

Alma 1:80, pg. 324
Land of Minon location. Relative distances established.

Alma 1:94-97, pg. 326
Wilderness "west and north" and "on the north" of Zarahemla; wilderness of Hermounts.

Alma 1:100, pg. 326
Fields of grain of Zarahemla location. (5th yr. reign of Judges [R.J.]).

Alma 3:3, pg. 332
Land of Mormon location.

Alma 4:8, pg. 342
City of Gideon location.

Alma 6:4, pg. 347
Location of Land of Melek and west wilderness.

Alma 6:7-8, pg. 347
Location of Ammonihah; custom of naming lands, cities, villages, and small villages (10th yr. R.J.).

Alma 6:16, pg. 348
First mention of City of Aaron.

Alma 10:86,110, pg. 379,381
Land of Sidom - relative location.

Alma 11:2, pg. 382
West wilderness of Ammonihah; Lamanites destroyed Ammonihah (10th yr R.J.).

Alma 11:3, pg. 382
Location of Noah.

Alma 11:9-11, pg. 382,383
Location of Land of Manti; south borders; River Sidon.

Alma 11:19, pg. 383
Land of Ammonihah remained desolate for many years.

Alma 12:1, pg. 385
Location of Gideon, Manti, and directional meaning of the term "southward".

Alma 12:29, pg. 388
Land of Ishmael.

Alma 12:184, pg. 402
Land of Middoni.

Alma 13:1,2, pg. 406
Land and City of Jerusalem relative to the borders of Mormon.

Alma13:68-81, pg. 413, 414
Mormon's major geographical description of Land of Nephi and Zarahemla at the time of king Lamoni.

Alma 14:13, pg. 416
Mention of Ishmael, Middoni, Nephi, Shilom, Shemlon, Lemuel, Shimnilon.

Alma 14:21, pg. 417
Lands of Amulon, Helam, Jerusalem mentioned.

Alma 14:25, pg. 417
Land of Midian mentioned.

Alma 14:26, pg. 417
Land of Ishmael mentioned.

Alma 14:60 pg. 421
Mention of destruction in the Land of Ammonihah.

Alma 14:62,65,67, pg. 422
Mention of East Wilderness.

Alma 15:14, pg. 430
People of Ammon left Land of Nephi for Zarahemla.

Alma 15:23,24,26, pg. 431,432
Land of Jershon location; given to the people of Ammon. Land use.

Alma 15:36, pg. 433
Army locations set for defense.

Alma 16:80, pg. 445
Zoramite location in Land of Antionum. Location of Antionum nearly bordering upon the east sea-shore.

Alma 16:254, 257, pg. 464
People of Ammon left Jershon to go to Melek; Jershon used for armies of Nephites and for Zoramite dissenters(18th yr. R.J.).

Alma 20:18, pg. 491
Chief captain Moroni.

Alma 20:25, pg. 492
Land of Antionum, head of River Sidon, Land of Manti, wilderness relationships.

Alma 20:30, pg. 493
Land of Manti referred to as "that quarter of the land".

Alma 20:31-59, pg. 493-496
Description of local area from battle strategies. (River Sidon, Manti, Hill Riplah, valley, east, west, and south, terms used).

Alma 20:97, pg. 500
River Sidon - sea relationship.

Alma 21:111, pg. 513
Lamanite "servants of the king" fled Land of Nephi and joined people of Ammon in Melek.

Alma 21:151, pg. 518
City of Ammonihah partly rebuilt. Fortified (19th yr. R.J.).

Alma 21:163-167, pg. 519
Location of the Land and City of Noah (19th yr. R.J.).

Alma 22:7-12, pg. 522,523
Fortifications of East Wilderness and line between Lamanites and Nephites. The "straight course" of Land of Nephi.

Alma 22:14-16, pg. 523, 524
Cities of Moroni and Nephihah; City of Lehi built on north by the East Sea borders.

Alma 22:26, pg. 525
Land of Morionton location.

Alma 22:30, pg. 525
People of Morionton attempted to flee into "land which was northward."

Alma 22:33,35, pg. 526
Direction of Bountiful, Desolation, and Narrow Pass from Morionton.

Alma 23:29-32 , pg. 531
Fortified cities of Moroni, Lehi, Morionton, Omner, Gid, Mulek, captured by the Lamanites; "all of which were on the east borders, by the seashore".

Alma 23:36,39, pg. 532
Land Bountiful borders; Land Northward and the East Sea.

Alma 24:10, pg. 534
Bountiful; Narrow Pass; Land Northward.

Alma 24:11, pg. 534
"Quarter of the land" used for this area.

Alma 24:13,14, pg. 534
"Borders of the land by the West Sea".

Alma 24:17, pg. 535
"South and the west borders of the land".

Alma 24:20, pg. 535
City Bountiful; activity of Nephite leader Teancum.

Alma 24:24,27, pg. 535, 536
City of Mulek regional geography given.

Alma 24:51, pg. 538
Moroni gave the City of Mulek to Lehi to protect.

Alma 24:54-57, pg. 538, 539
Fortification of the City Bountiful "became an exceeding stronghold ever after".

Alma 24:61, pg. 539
Lamanites "on the West Sea South", "obtained possession of a number of cities in that part of the land."

Alma 25:50-52, pg. 547, 548
Moroni took possession of the City of Gid, near the City Bountiful (29th yr. R.J.).

Alma Chapter 26, pg.549-565
Helaman's campaign in the south and west "quarter of the land" with 2000 plus "sons".

Alma 26:1, pg.549
Helaman to Moroni "in that quarter of the land."

Alma 26:15, pg. 550
Lamanites took possession of City of Manti, Zeezrom, Cumeni, Antiparah.

Alma 26:16, pg. 550
City of Judeah fortified.

Alma 26:24, pg. 551
Other cities "on the northward" (27th yr. R.J.).

Alma 26:28, pg. 551
"Crossed the head of Sidon over to the city of Nephihah."

Alma 26:36, pg. 552
City beyond Antiparah "in the borders by the sea-shore."

Alma 26:42, pg. 552
Helaman and 2000 sons fled before Lamanites "northward." Only reference to "northward" possibly being to the northwest at this location.

Alma 26:49, pg. 553
Fled into wilderness.

Alma 26:69, pg. 555
Returned to Judea.

Alma 26:73, pg. 556
Antiparah taken back.

Alma 26:84, pg. 557
City of Cumeni taken back.

Alma 26:97, pg. 558
Lamanites driven back to city of Manti.

Alma 26:134, pg. 562
Wilderness near the City of Manti.

Alma 26:153, pg. 564
City of Manti taken back.

Alma 26:155, pg. 564
Lamanites "flee out of all this quarter of the land."

Alma 26:161, pg. 564
Helaman refers to Moroni's campaign area as "that quarter of the land" (29th yr. R.J.).

Alma 27:5-8, pg. 566
Lamanite campaign against city of Nephihah.

Alma 29:3,4,7, pg. 576
Moroni marched to Gideon and Zarahemla.

Alma 29:32, pg. 579
Lamanites joined people of Ammon in Melek.

Alma 29:39, pg. 580
Lehi, Teancum, Moroni armies surrounded Lamanites in land of Moroni, "in the borders by the wilderness, on the south and in the borders by the wilderness on the east".

Alma 29:47, pg. 581
Lamanites driven out of the land (31st yr. R.J.).

Alma 30:5, pg. 583
People "departed out of Land of Zarahemla into the land which was northward."

Alma 30:6, pg. 583
Hagoth built "an exceeding large ship on the borders of the Land Bountiful, by the Land Desolation, and launched it forth into the West Sea, by the Narrow Neck which led into the Land Northward."

Alma 30:14, pg. 584
Provisions carried into Land Northward (39th yr. R.J.).

Helaman 1:21,24, pg. 588
Coriantumr took possession of the City of Zarahemla.

Helaman 1:25, pg. 588
Coriantumr marched toward City Bountiful to obtain north parts of the land.

Helaman 1:29, pg. 589
"Most capital parts of the land." Many cities and strongholds there.

Helaman 1:29-33, pg. 589
Major directional statement linking City Bountiful, Zarahemla, and the 4 cardinal directions. Showed City Bountiful and the pass to the Land Northward were northeast of Zarahemla (42nd yr. R.J.).

Helaman 2:3,11, pg. 592, 593
Many departed for Land Northward. Major discussion of the land and the lack of timber.

Helaman 2:8. pg. 593
"From the sea south, to the sea north, from the sea west, to the sea east".

Helaman 2:38, pg. 597
Lamanites obtained Land of Zarahemla "Even all the lands, even unto the land which was near the Land Bountiful;"

Helaman 2:39, pg. 597
Nephites fortified "from the West Sea even unto the east--it being a day's journey for a Nephite" to defend their North Country (58th yr. R.J.).

Helaman 2:42-43 pg. 598
Moronihah retained half of the cities previously taken by Lamanites (61st yr. R.J.).

Helaman 2:77,78, pg. 602
Nephi and Lehi began teaching journey south from City Bountiful to Gid, Mulek, etc. "southward"; then into Land of Zarahemla.

Helaman 2:82, pg. 603
Nephi and Lehi went to Land of Nephi.

Helaman 2:124, pg. 607,608
Nephi and Lehi went into Land Northward to preach.

Helaman 2:129, pg. 608
Land South called Lehi, Land North called Mulek, because of the locations "the Lord did bring" them into.

Helaman 3:1, pg. 613
Nephi returned from Land Northward.

Helaman 4:39, pg. 632
Gadianton robbers in "wilderness" and "mountains".

3 Nephi 1:19, pg. 654
"All the people upon the face of the whole earth from the west to the east, both in the Land North and in the Land South....fell to the earth."

3 Nephi 2:27-36, pg. 661,662
The second great gathering "to the center of our lands"; "between the Land of Zarahemla and the Land Bountiful, to the line which was betwixt the Land Bountiful and the Land Desolation"; "in the Land Southward".

3 Nephi 2:71, pg. 666
Robbers designed to retreat into the Land Northward.

3 Nephi 3:3, pg. 670
Nephites returned to their own lands "both on the north and on the south, both on the Land Northward and on the Land Southward".

3 Nephi 3:8, pg. 670
Highways, roads, cities, built and repaired.

3 Nephi 3:48,49, pg. 674
Kingdom of Jacob built (known at the destruction as "Jacobugath").

3 Nephi 4:6-61, pg. 677-683
Crucifixion destruction.

3 Nephi 4:10, pg. 678
Face of Land Northward changed.

3 Nephi 5:1, pg. 685
Temple in Land Bountiful.

Mormon 1:4, pg. 748
Land of Antum, Hill Shim records kept.

Mormon 1:7, pg. 748
Mormon carried into the Land Southward. Buildings and people covered the whole face of the land.

Mormon 1:10, pg. 749
War began in borders of Zarahemla by waters of Sidon.

Mormon 1:24-28, pg. 750,751
"Retreat towards the North Countries." City of Angolah, Land of David, Land of Joshua "in the borders west by the seashore."

Mormon 1:28, pg. 751
Gathering of the unrighteous Nephites.

Mormon 1:43, pg. 752
City of Jashon near "land where Ammoron had deposited the records."

Mormon 1:48, pg. 753
Land and City of Shem.

Mormon 1:60, 61, pg. 754
Lands of inheritance divided into Land Northward for Nephites, Land Southward for Lamanites, at the Narrow Passage.

Mormon 1:69, pg. 755
Gathered at Land Desolation to a city in the borders by Narrow Pass leading into Land Southward;

Mormon 1:71,73, pg. 755
City of Desolation by the sea.

Mormon 2:4, pg. 757
City Teancum "in the borders by the seashore."

Mormon 2:21, pg. 759
Lamanites "come down" against City Desolation.

Mormon 2:22, pg. 759
City Boaz.

Mormon 2:25, pg. 759
Mormon moved all the records from Hill Shim.

Mormon 2:28, pg. 760
Fled to City of Jordan.

Mormon 3:3,5, pg. 763
Land and Hill Cumorah.

Mormon 3:8,9, pg. 763, 764
Records hid up in the Hill Cumorah. Final battle.

Mormon 3:14, pg. 764
Top of Hill Cumorah (by implication its' size)

Mormon 4:2, pg. 767
Mormon and others escaped into the Country Southward, were killed.

Ether 3:41, pg. 797
Land of Nehor kingdom.

Ether 3:42, 43, pg. 797
Land of Moron kingdom, near the Land Desolation.

Ether 3:54, 55, pg. 798
Land of Moron, "land of first inheritance."

Ether 4:3, 4, pg. 803
Omer left Nehor, "came over and passed by Hill Shim," from thence eastward" to "Ablom, by the seashore."

Ether 4:25, pg. 806
Many cities built.

Ether 4:30, pg. 806
People spread all over face of the land.

Ether 4:35, 36, pg. 807
Poisonous serpents cause flocks to flee into Land Southward.

Ether 4:66, pg. 810
In days of Lib poisonous serpents were destroyed. Went into Land Southward.

Ether 4:68, pg. 810
Great city built by the Narrow Neck of Land where the sea divides the land.

Ether 4:70, pg. 810
Land Northward covered with inhabitants.

Ether 6:46, pg. 824
Lib fled Moron "to the borders upon the sea-shore."

Ether 6:48, 49, pg. 824
Wilderness of Akish, Plains of Agosh.

Ether 6:62, pg. 826
Shiz pursued Coriantumer " the borders of the seashore."

Ether 6:64, pg. 826
Land of Corihor, Valley of Corihor.

Ether 6:66, pg. 826
Valley of Shurr near Hill Comron.

Ether 6:80, pg. 827
Waters of Ripliancum.

Ether 6:83, pg. 828
Hill Ramah.

Moroni 9:8, pg. 845
Tower of Sherrizah.

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